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An international competition for filmmakers “Lampedusa In Festival – The encounter with the Other” (V Edition)

The Festival of migration and recovery of oral history want to stimulate the discussion on migration. The backbone of the LampedusaInFestival is both to promote values such as acceptance, dialogue and diversity, and to critique the issues that force thousands of people to leave their homeland.

The theme of the festival is Migrate: the reasons behind a ‘choice’.

This year the LampedusaInFestival would like to explore the reasons that force millions of humanbeings to leave their own countries and move somewhere else. What are the motivations Westerncountries attribute to this phenomenon? Is it due to life conditions, cultural factors, or unstablepolitical situations? The objective is to reduce the gap between the point of view of migrants, andthe perspectives western countries adopt about the issue.Immigrants are new-comers in our society, and as any other inhabitant of a developed country,they live in and move alongside societies affected by a global crisis. Exploring migrants’ livingconditions in our wealthy society can expose contradictions embedded in it, and help our society toacknowledge ways of living often ignored by the establishment: often rich communities areexcluding people with different backgrounds to the point that they are denied access to what theyneed to have adequate living standards.Causes of migration may range from economic insecurity and political instability, to personalsituations. People may run away from war zones, from compulsory enlistment, or frommultinational corporations which are destroying the environment that was providing livelihood totheir communities. People migrate to look for a job or better living conditions, to join their partners,or for the simple desire to discover new places.The festival invites everyone to contribute to the debate with their documentaries exploring: howimmigrants are perceived by the receiving countries, the rhetoric that contributes to shaping ideasof migration, and the reality behind the myth perpetuated within the dominant political discourse .Sometimes the dreams of better life conditions, that led these people to travel, clash with thereality of conditions of life and work which migrants find in developed countries. Sometimesdreams turn in to nightmares of exploitation, exclusion and subordination.

The Application is free and open to everybody.

When? 19th – 23th july 2013

Where? Lampedusa – Sicily (Italy)

The Lampedusa In Festival is organised by the cultural association Askavusa with the support of Lampedusa and Linosa Council.

More info: www.lampedusainfestival.com

Mail: info@lampedusainfestival.com / press@lampedusainfestival.com
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