Advisory council

The role of the Consultative Council is the promotion of the MCA. Its new members are suggested to the Coordination of the Council. The composition of the Council must reflect the diversity of the Mediterranean. It is made up of volunteers from the Mediterranean region.

Members are chosen on the basis of the following criteria :

–       Capacity to mobilise individuals locally and regionally ;

–       Capacity of expertise ;

–       Public visibility ;

–       Capacity to play a facilitating role between citizens and institutions ;

Members of the Council share the following tasks:

–       Help the Mediterranean Coordination to fulfill projects politically ;

–       Answer consultations launched by the Mediterranean Coordination ;

–       Support the Mediterranean Coordination in defining its strategic choices ;

–       Contribute to the writing of texts of strategic thinking in the political, social, cultural and environmental fields ;

–       Evaluate the work of the Mediterranean Coordination ;

–       Answer calls by the Mediterranean Coordination to resolve potential conflicts between protagonists or participants ;

–       Help in the evaluation of the setting up of local Circles ;

–       Handle possible deadlocks within the Mediterranean Coordination ;

The Consultative Council meets at least three times a year.

Members of the Advisory Council

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