This organ is composed of non-profit civil society organisations that provide the necessary human and material resources and have a certain fund-raising capacity. It is responsible for development, follow-up and political and executive coordination.

The members of the Mediterranean coordination must respect the spirit and ethics of the Founding Charter. They must make sure that all other participants abide by it.

The information system of the M.C.A. must ensure the transparency of the activities of the Mediterranean Coordination. The Mediterranean Coordination is responsible for fund-raising, and for ensuring a transparent and quality management of the structure.

Mediterranean coordination is articulated around five main geographical areas: the northwestern shore (Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Portugal), the northeastern shore (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Slovenia), the eastern shore (Turkey and Syria), the southeastern shore (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine) and the southwestern shore (Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia)

Currently, the Mediterranean Coordination is made up of:

– North West Shore : Centro de Estudios Rurales y de Agricultura Internacional (CERAI) and European Movement International (EMI)
– North East Shore: European University of Tirana.


with the Support of

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