December 2012

Host Progect (Hospitality, Otherness, Society, Theatre)

The project H.O.S.T. Hospitality, Otherness, Society, Theatre aims to work on the complex issue of migrations through combined activities of research and artistic practices. Within the project the task of art is in the promotion of an alternative practice and vision to the one endorsed by xenophobia and rejection of Otherness.
The Sociological Research will involve Universities and researchers, on the issue of migration, following a path that will include Italy, France, Cyprus, Spain and Greece.
The research work will draw a geography of migration, from Northern to Southern Europe.
A nomadic path of activities that culminates in three artistic residencies with three site-specific stagings. Each session includes theatre workshops, joint site-specific performances, showcases, meetings and technical seminars. Participants will come from the different countries involved in the project. The joint creations will be implemented in tragic and emblematic places of the contemporary migration, gates of access to Europe for thousands of people coming from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, in the Mediterranean such as Cadiz (Spain), Zakynthos and Patras (Greece) and San Foca (Italy).
By combining sociological knowledge with performing arts, the project intends to give voice to the immigrants, to their experiences in order to enhance awareness about the tragedy of immigration and the similarities with the European historical experience.


The cultural project developed by the University of Salento, is supported by the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Commission.

The project proposal is promoted by University of Salento (Department of Social Sciences and Communication) in partnership with Province of Lecce, Eufonia-Astràgali Teatro, GAL Terra d’Arneo (Italy), University of Cadiz (Spain), Theatro tsi Zakynthos (Greece), Satiriko Theatre (Cyprus), International Theatre Institute Directorate General (France).

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