noviembre 16, 2016

Mediterranean Affairs publie la Déclaration sur la Transition Agroalimentaire en Méditerranée (en anglais)

Today, Mediterranean Affairs intends to give a prominent place to “The alarm has rang for a transition in food and agricultural, wake up!”. This Declaration on Food and Agriculture Transition in the Mediterranean, has been elaborated by the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation along with other organisations.
This manifesto has already about fourty signing organisations from different countries of the Mediterranean. MA is one of the organization that signed it.

This declaration was introduced during the MedCOP of Tangier, and will be presented again in a side event during the COP22 of Marrakech. This workshop will deal with with these transition and the connection with the climate, with a focus on territorialized food and agriculture systems and the possibility of creating a platform of food and agriculture responsible and sustainable. The workshop is taking place on 17th November at Salle Sebou (Green Zone of the COP22).

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