abril 2, 2013

Music of the Mediterranean

This is a sample of the music that was performed and appreciated in Valencia between the years 1980 and 1989, a period in which the City Council and other public and private organizations made an effort to turn the city into a meeting point for all the cultures around the Mediterranean. To this end, three annual gatherings were designed: one for cinema (Mostra de Cinema), one for literature (Econtre d’Escriptors) and one for music (Trobada de Música).

Today the Valenica Circle of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly recalls this civic effort by publishing a selection of the pieces that were performed in the Trobada de Música del Mediterrani. This project, which was later adopted and followed in other location, brought together musician from the Mediterranean shores and the people of Valencia, who joined in faithfully and enthusiastically every year.

Here you will find musician who introduced, based on their cultural traditions, new approaches which are still up-to-date nowadays. By listening to them we can perceive the common roots underlying the music of the Mediterranean peoples. These gatherings enabled musicians from different countries to create together new productions and experiences which we can now listen to. Ahead of its time, and in some cases only later understood, the Trobada de Música remains an example of coexistence, creativity and sharing between the peoples of the Mediterranean.

Albert García Hernández

Valenica, December 2012

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