junio 5, 2013

SIGN THE PETITION: Mobility without visa between the two shores of the Mediterranean

We are launching a petition to challenge Governments, members of Parliament and the institutions of the two shores of the Mediterranean in order to remove administrative bottlenecks and humiliations in European visa and thus lie within a logic of equal dignity.


Equal dignity for all :

We are citizens from the two shores of the Mediterranean, we want to build a zone economic, demographic and cultural of a billion people. The goods and capital circulate freely why not humans?

Unbearable injustice :

Today when an European travel across the Mediterranean, he simply just need an identification and an address. When a citizen from the other shoresofthe Mediterranean comes in Europe, in addition to an address, the reason for his traveling and its resources, arbitrarily asked to provide completely unjustified documents. With this, seminars, symposiums, and even courses are cancelled because the Professor or the expert expected is blocked by consular services. Therefore, we reject such decisions by our consular services. This situation created many frustrations and resentment. We want to support the fledgling democracies, it is time to mobilize to say no to this apartheid.

The various revolts and revolutions of the two sides of the Mediterranean have shown us that we are living the same problems facing unemployment, crisises and the new challenges of the 21st century.

Faire de la question de la mobilitéEuro-Med une question centrale lors des prochaineséchéances électorales

Make the issue of the Euro-Med mobility a central issue during the next elections

We are mobilized for the different elections of 2014 in our countries to engage our representatives on the freedom of movement around the Mediterranean.

Our goal is to mobilize 100000 people from both sides to weigh into the debate in these coming elections.

2014 will also mark the European elections a unique opportunity to bring the issue of visas and free movement in the debate.

Sign, do sign and share the petition with our friends.

The petition is available in 7 languages:


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