Symposium: The Union for the Mediterranean – Review and Prospects, Tools and Methods, Brussels, March 29, 2011

At a time when the political turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya highlights powerful dynamic for change and the beginnings of democratization in many countries of the Southern Mediterranean, the symposium aims to make an inventory of the Union for the Mediterranean, but also to consider its prospects in the short, medium and long terms.

Organised in partnership with the Institut de Prospective Économique du Monde Méditerranéen (IPEMED), the symposium will bring together, during a day, high-level experts, politicians and academics. The work of the various sessions will be the opportunity to go into detail on the political and economic conditions for the Euro-Mediterranean relations and on the specific “tools and methods” of  the Union for the Mediterranean. Finally, the conference will devote one of its sessions to the key issue of water resources, and major stakes attached to them, including that of food security.

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