abril 4, 2013

The release of the association Peripli: “Autumn in the Mediterranean”

The Human Dignity in the Mediterranean Transition
In 2011, thousands of youths from Tunisia and Egypt demonstrated in several squares of the cities in order to fight for their rights. These people have studied hard, have got a degree but they cannot find a job because of the increasing unemployment and through the social networks they are trying to fight against the corruption of the political system which still exists in their countries. This dissatisfaction of the Arab people is similar to the one expressed by the Europeans who are disappointed by the decline of democracy and a political class which is more and more distant from their ideals of justice, freedom and employment. For this reason, all the youths of the Mediterranean area are united by the same situation and dissatisfaction which strengthens their relationship. This battle is not easy because at the moment the young generation of these countries are going through a complex moment of “transition”. The transition doe not only refer to the people fighting for their civil rights but also for the economical and financial crisis. The core reason for which people are fighting is that they wish to have a better society and they went to reclaim their dignity which is the basic condition of every human being. However, we must remember that when talking about human dignity, our minds should think of all the women who are still fighting for their rights in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen and Morocco.

Maria Donzelli
Translation: Tina Trodella

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